Meet Pumpkin

© 2014, Jessi Wiley

Each year, there has been a dog story. This year, this little dog followed runners all around the course once twice, three times. I saw it all over the course in my drives around the loop. Some people think it may have ran over 3 loops which is close to 100 miles. When I saw it at the start/finish, it was so friendly, greeting everyone like we were long lost friends. The next morning, it was tired and climbed up into peoples laps. Several people took this picture of her curled up in this chair. No, she did not drink the beer.

Kevin Lemaster and family agreed to take her in. Kevin made a few calls to area vets, but found no one who had reported her missing. Two days after the race, I received a call from a lady who said they'd lost a blue healer with red/white markings. that did not sound like this dog. I mentioned to her that THIS dog had been all around the loop. I don't really know why I texted her this picture--but when I did, she said THAT was her Missy!! Then, I had the task of calling Kevin to tell them that the dog he and his family had fallen in love with was gonna have to go back to it's home. :-( I put Kevin in touch with the owner so they could make the exchange.

But in their conversations, it came out that the dog belonged to this lady's mother-in-law, and she was wanting to give it away a couple of months ago. Kevin then offered to buy it. After a day of waiting for an answer, Kevin received a call from them and they told him they had decided to let them keep her. Kevin and the Lemasters named this sweet girl Pumpkin.

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